YIA / Travel Grant

Applications for the YIA/Travel Grant closed on October 31, 2023, at the same time as the deadline for regular abstracts.

APSID Young Investigator Award

Eligibility Criteria

Regular presentations of APSID-JSIAD2024 APSID session in which the first author is an APSID member who is 40 years old or younger as of the first day of the meeting will be eligible for review.

When registering regular abstracts, please select “Yes” in the Young Investigator Award application column and enter your date of birth.

Travel Grant

Travel grants will be provided to the 20 presenters listed below.

[Registration Number]
C000014  C000016  C000017  C000037  C000054
C000056  C000066  C000087  C000102  C000110
C000127  C000131  C000143  C000149  C000163
C000165  C000166  C000168  C000171  C000178

The congress secretariat contacted those eligible for the Travel Grant via email on December 16th, so please check your emails.

Please note the following for eligible individuals:

Eligibility: Applicable only to those attending the venue; participants joining online are not eligible.
Registration: Please register to participate through the registration page.
Membership: Complete the registration process and provide us with your APSID membership number if you are in the process of joining.
Traffic and Accommodation Arrangement: Please make your own arrangements for transportation, including air tickets, and accommodation. Please refer to the accommodation page.
Payment: As a general rule, the grant will be paid by bank transfer after confirming your participation at the venue.

Inquiries: jsiad-apsid2024@supportoffice.jp

Eligibility Criteria

Travel grants are provided to first authors or presenters of up to 20 regular presentations who come to Japan from overseas for APSID-JSIAD 2024.
The first author or presenter to receive travel grant must be an APSID member under the age of 40 as of the first day of the meeting and give a presentation on the accepted abstract in Tokyo, Japan.
Even if more than one abstract is accepted, the travel grant will be provided for only one abstract.

When registering regular abstracts, please select “Yes” in the Travel Grant application column and enter your date of birth.

JSIAD-APSID Management Office will send a form to enter remittance information to the accepted applicants.