[Participant Information]

Certificate of Participation

For on-site participation, please present either a “receipt” or the “confirmation email sent from after March 15th” at the reception desk, and then receive your name badge before entering the venue.
For on-site question submission: Participants wishing to speak should adhere to the instructions of the session chair. Please use the discussion microphone and state your affiliation and name before speaking.
For online participation, click the button below labeled ” Virtual Platform” and enter the ID and password provided via email. Once inside the system, select “Program” to access the “Zoom” button within the program frame for live streaming. Questions for online presentations: Please use the Q&A feature on Zoom. Please ensure to include your name and affiliation when posting a question. Due to time constraints, the selection of questions will be at the discretion of the session chair.
For questions regarding online posters, please fill in the comment section below the displayed poster.


Recording, Audio Capture, and Image Reproduction Prohibition
For all sessions of APSID-JSIAD 2024 and IEI School 2024, unauthorized recording, audio capture, and image reproduction, including personal documentation, are strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the unauthorized reuse of content presented at this academic conference is also prohibited. In the event of a violation of these prohibitions, we will promptly take legal action.
In the unlikely event of fraudulent activities by participants, APSID, JSIAD and the supporters of this congress will not be held responsible.