Approach to SDGs

The Japanese Society for Immunodeficiency and Autoinflammatory Diseases (JSAID) is committed to advancing environmentally and socially conscious academic conferences and events, drawing reference from the “MICE Sustainability Guidelines” formulated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to promote sustainable initiatives*.

*Sustainable initiatives encompass activities aimed at comprehensive development, not only addressing specific organizational interests but also embracing broader concerns across economic, environmental, and social dimensions.

Tokyo MICE Sustainability Guidelines P.3

Specifically, based on advice from the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau’s “Sustainable MICE Support Desk,” we are considering the following initiatives:

  • Promoting the digitization of information provision
  • Installing waste bins with sorting capabilities understandable in languages other than Japanese
  • Reducing the use of plastic products
  • Initiatives to reduce food waste
  • Adoption of name tags, straps, and novelties considering recycled materials and recyclability
  • Consideration of dietary restrictions and religious customs
  • Other measures

We kindly ask for the cooperation of all participants in these endeavors.